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Research Institute for Social Equity is committed to disseminating information of our accomplishments, resources, and proprietary publications as well as media productions related to criminal justice reform.

New Beginnings Meditations CD

Dr. O’Dell Johnson presents New Beginnings Meditations CD for Incarcerated and Returning Citizens from correctional facilities, and those who are currently participating in a reentry or rehabilitation programs or have reentered society.

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Immersion Weekend Retreat

Research Institute for Social Equity brought together more than 80 participants consisting of practitioners mixed with a diverse array of individuals from recovery programs, reentry programs, correctional facilities, and religious institutions for Immersion Weekend. Each participant expressed their gratitude and appreciation to RISE for our efforts in creating an alternative healing platform accessible to their community. RISE’s aim is to continue providing alternative healing platforms for practitioners, reentry populations, and their families.

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Articles by Dr. O’Dell Johnson

Rethinking Criminal Justice

Rethinking Criminal Justice

Those who have experienced the criminal justice system through criminal convictions and incarceration are faced with many barriers upon reentering society. These barriers are often viewed as employment, housing, education, health, and family/community...

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